Carport Solar Mounting System

Nanfei tracking is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fixed brackets and intelligent tracking brackets. Nanfei tracking has developed more than 6Gw of solar energy in the world, has offices in five continents, and has carried out more than 300 projects. It is a reliable partner for your large-scale solar energy projects. Nanfei tracking support is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios and provides customized solutions for customers.

Scheme introduction

The ground support system has a series of characteristics such as flexible assembly, convenience and simple construction. The support system has been widely favored by customers at home and abroad since its launch. The single column aluminum alloy structure photovoltaic support system is a solar support system developed to solve the situation that outdoor uneven terrain cannot or is inconvenient to make a foundation.

  • Strong combination
    The flexible arrangement of support brackets and the retractable track of Nanfei greatly reduce your calculation and planning work on the road
  • Easy installation
    The unique support structure of the support system, as well as the track and Z-shaped clamp with the characteristics of NAFC. The pre installation of the bracket before delivery allows you to complete the installation of the system in less manpower and time
  • Strong compatibility
    The ground support can meet the requirements of photovoltaic modules produced by different manufacturers. It is suitable for the installation of most framed solar panels
  • Strong adaptability
    It can be used in different environments. The high-strength steel structure profile enables it to be used in bad weather. The system can be installed in different environments after special surface treatment
  • Flexible assembly
    The photovoltaic ground support system of NAFC single column structure has flexible adjustment function. During installation, we can flexibly adjust the levelness, perpendicularity and column dislocation of the main column. The support system has the construction error correction function
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