Service Support
After-sales Service Process
  • Call the service hotline
    Address, fault and contact information
  • Customer service center
    Detailed records of customer service personnel
  • On site maintenance by after-sales personnel
  • Customer service information archiving
  • Return the service card to the customer service center
    48 hour telephone return visit
  • The customer fills in the service card
    Conduct evaluation service
service idea
service idea
Service purpose
It is our unremitting pursuit to continuously meet customer needs; First of all, we will uphold the goodwill, and second, we will market high-quality products to reduce customers' worries to zero.
Service viewpoint
Focus on customers, market and technology; Respect, understand and care for customers; Our mistakes are due to us, and it is our duty to serve you without delay; Our after-sales service goal: to zero service.
Service purpose
1、 Provide technical support in the application field of the company's products. (1. Product technical questions 2. Construction and installation guidance and material budget.
2、 Your customer information processing. (1. Customer consultation information processing 2. Customer satisfaction survey)
3、 Carry out follow-up investigation and information feedback of the company's engineering quality.
4、 Establish customer files and enter them into the company database
5、 Provide technical training for the customer's operation and maintenance management personnel, so that they can understand the basic knowledge of the company's equipment maintenance, master the operation skills, and ensure the normal operation of the system.
6、 Provide customers with free maintenance during the warranty period.
7、 After the free warranty period expires, sign relevant maintenance contracts with users.
8、 Regular return visits shall be conducted to understand and record the equipment operation status from the date of system opening, and the user return visit card shall be filled in for archiving.
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