Ground Solar Mounting System

Solar ground mounting system is a kind of ground-mounted solar system that can hold the solar panels. The most benefit for installaing ground solar brackets is that it is more easy control to improve the effeciency of electricity generation. Solar ground mounting systems, designed and manufactured by NCNF, adapt to the specific conditions of each project (terrain, calculation standard, climate conditions, etc.) We control 100% of the production and traceability, which allows us to carry out a greater volume of projects without manufacturing time loss. We manufacture hot-dip galvanized steel structures and aluminum structures.

Scheme introduction

The ground mounting system has a series of characteristics such as flexible assembly, convenience and simple construction. The system has been widely favored by customers at home and abroad since its launch. The single column aluminum alloy structure solar mounting system is a system developed to solve the situation that outdoor uneven terrain cannot or is inconvenient to make a foundation.

  • Solution customization
    It can be customized according to customer's budget and terrain, environment condition, etc.
  • Cost efficiency
    Factory direct sales; Cost savings. Factory scale is enough to undertake large orders. Under the premise of quality assurance can be fast delivery, do not delay the customer's project progress.
  • Strong compatibility
    The ground mounting can meet the requirements of photovoltaic modules produced by different manufacturers. It is suitable for the installation of most framed solar panels.
  • Strong adaptability
    It can be used in different environments. The high-strength steel structure profile enables it to be used in bad weather. The system can be installed in different environments after special surface treatment
  • Flexible assembly
    The solar ground mounting system has flexible adjustment function. During installation, we can flexibly adjust the levelness, perpendicularity and column dislocation of the main column. The support system has the construction error correction function
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