BIPV photovoltaic solution

Nanfei tracking is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fixed brackets and intelligent tracking brackets. Nanfei tracking has developed more than 6Gw of solar energy in the world, has offices in five continents, and has carried out more than 300 projects. It is a reliable partner for your large-scale solar energy projects. Nanfei tracking support is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios and provides customized solutions for customers.

Nanfeiping single axis tracker adopts the "astronomical algorithm + closed-loop control" method to automatically track the sun's position, which can adapt to different terrain, operate stably and install conveniently. It can greatly improve the power generation efficiency of the project and reduce lcoe. Its modular design is more convenient for later operation and maintenance. With the advantages of high efficiency and stable power generation, Nanfei intelligent tracker has become the preferred solution for ground power station projects.

Scheme introduction

BIPV roof photovoltaic support solution is an application mode that integrates solar power generation into buildings, realizing the perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and buildings. This photovoltaic technology combines the application mode of architectural art, uses photovoltaic materials to replace traditional building materials, and is installed on the outside of the wall and the roof, making the building itself a power source, making full use of the building area, improving the aesthetic value, saving more than 30% of the power cost, extending the service life of the roof to more than 25 years, and optimizing the energy consumption structure of the enterprise. With its wide commercialization and high demand of urban development, BIPV has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of integrated photovoltaic power generation in industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Waterproof and firm
    The new structure is waterproof, equipped with a water guide channel, lower maintenance cost and longer service life
  • Easy installation
    Most of the supports are pre assembled in the factory, and there is no need to cut and weld on the site. The installation can be completed only by tightening the bolts. The construction is fast and the later maintenance is convenient
  • Best benefit
    It saves the cost of laying and renovating the roof, greatly reduces the construction cost, extends the service life of the roof to more than 25 years, waterproof and thermal insulation, and increases double protection
  • Transparent and beautiful
    The layout of the system can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the building. It can effectively improve the indoor brightness, enhance the lighting, and perfectly integrate with the building to make the building look high-grade and atmospheric
  • Component specification:
    Framed components
    Maximum snow load:
    14KN / m2 (customizable)
  • Component layout:
    Spread over the roof
    texture of material:
    aluminium alloy
  • Component inclination:
    Same as original size of roof
    Surface treatment:
    Anodizing 15 μ m
  • Installation form:
    Directly installed on roof purlin
    Design life:
    25 years
  • Maximum wind load:
    40m / S (customizable)
    15 years
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