Agriculture-complementary Solar Mounting System

Nanfei tracking is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fixed brackets and intelligent tracking brackets. Nanfei tracking has developed more than 6Gw of solar energy in the world, has offices in five continents, and has carried out more than 300 projects. It is a reliable partner for your large-scale solar energy projects. Nanfei tracking support is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios and provides customized solutions for customers.

Scheme introduction

It is mainly applicable to the installation of agricultural photovoltaic power stations, which saves land resources and solves the conflict between photovoltaic power generation and planting use. The system structure is designed according to the layout of various panels, the amount of sunshine required by plants and the size of the entrance of agricultural machinery. It provides suitable support design, high degree of preloading and convenient construction.

1. Agricultural ground solar panel support system is a kind of support system based on spiral ground pile, which is widely used in farmland solar energy. After years of project experience, we have different solar support structure choices for farm solar system. We can provide the best and professional solutions.

2. Our solar support structure is light, convenient for transportation and installation, and safe for construction.

3. Our farm solar supports will be pre assembled to the maximum extent, saving construction time and labor costs for customers.

4. The ground pile is usually used as the foundation of solar agriculture, because the ground screw can adjust the angle of the solar support and the soil ecosystem will not be disturbed and remain intact.

  • Improve efficiency
    Make rational use of land resources and improve economic benefits
  • High flexibility
    It can flexibly create an environment suitable for the growth of different crops
  • Save time
    Highly preloaded, saving installation time
  • Convenient operation
    There is no need to drill holes for fixing the longitudinal beam
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