Water surface photovoltaic support solution

Nanfei tracking is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fixed brackets and intelligent tracking brackets. Nanfei tracking has developed more than 6Gw of solar energy in the world, has offices in five continents, and has carried out more than 300 projects. It is a reliable partner for your large-scale solar energy projects. Nanfei tracking support is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios and provides customized solutions for customers.

Scheme introduction

The integrated design of piles and columns is adopted, with exquisite structure, convenient installation, diversified application and strong combination

  • Professional structural design
  • No land occupation, wide application range
  • Modular splicing, flexible adjustment on site
  • Improve power generation efficiency and high power generation
  • Installation location:
    Pond and reservoir
    Installation foundation:
    Prestressed concrete pile foundation
  • Installation angle:
    Wind load:
  • Snow load:
    Ground height:
  • Applicable component type:
    Framed and frameless
    Component layout method:
    Horizontal and vertical
  • Support material:
    Q235B (hot dip galvanized)&Ai6005-t5 (surface anodizing)
    Fastener material:
    Zinc nickel alloy&Q235B (hot dip galvanized)
  • Material of spare parts:
    Ai6005-t5 (surface anodizing)
    Bracket color:
    Natural silver or coloring according to customer requirements
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