Smart tracking photovoltaic mounting solutions

Nanfei Tracking is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fixed brackets and intelligent tracking brackets. With more than 6GW of solar energy developed globally, with offices on five continents and more than 300 projects, Nanfei Tracker is your reliable partner for large-scale solar projects. Nanfei tracking brackets are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios and provide customers with customized solutions.

The Nanfeiping single-axis tracker adopts the "astronomical algorithm + closed-loop control" method to automatically track the position of the sun. It can adapt to different terrains, has stable operation, and is easy to install. It can greatly improve the power generation efficiency of the project and reduce LCOE. Its modular design is even more It is convenient for later operation and maintenance. With the advantages of high efficiency and stable power generation, Nanfei intelligent tracker has become the preferred solution for ground power station projects.

An Introduction

The system adopts the method of "astronomical algorithm + closed-loop control" to realize the automatic tracking of the position of the sun and improve the overall power generation of the photovoltaic power station system. Compared with the fixed bracket, the power generation can be increased by about 20%-30%. Compared with competitors, the use of this system can effectively reduce the LCOE of the entire power station and achieve higher benefits.

  • Adapt to different terrains
    Single row independent drive, can be used in irregular stations. Compared with the row tracking system, which needs to pay attention to the north-south and east-west slopes at the same time, the east-west direction can be freely arranged without being restricted by the slope.
  • Multiple configurations available
    Cost-effective layouts can be selected for different projects. The power supply mode can be selected flexibly, providing two options of self-power supply or external power supply. In addition, the communication method in the power station can also choose wired connection or wireless communication. Google 主页
  • Easy maintenance
    The sophisticated design makes it easy and convenient for later maintenance, such as daily tracking angle self-calibration, the rotating part is resistant to wind and sand and lubrication-free, without dampers, and self-diagnosis of drive abnormalities.
  • No damper required
    Dampers are not required to buffer sudden external loads, reducing possible points of failure and subsequent maintenance costs.
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