Nanfei won the honor of "top ten brands in seismic support industry"

Recently, the 2022 "top ten brands in seismic support industry" selection activity sponsored by China brand network came to an end. After many months of data statistics and precipitation, Nanfei won the recognition of the market by virtue of its perfect product system and independent innovative R & D thinking, and won the honorary title of "top ten brands in the seismic support industry".

The "top ten brands in the industry" is a comprehensive selection activity, which is jointly participated by industry experts, consumers and netizens. For a long time, the "top ten brands in the industry" has deeply implemented the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", with the goal of meeting the high requirements of the people for a better life and leading the high-quality development of the industry. This honor is just like the "Oscar" in the industry. Therefore, the award of Nanfei represents the high recognition of the industry.

For a long time, NAFC adheres to the principle of "sincerity to the future", and is committed to doing a good job in structural reinforcement projects in various fields such as commercial buildings, municipal facilities, traffic bridges and tunnels, ports and wharves with the best quality products and services. With the heart of serving the people, Nanfei is deeply engaged in product R & D and technological innovation. Its products cover many fields, such as seismic support and hanger system, pipe gallery support and hanger system, and finished product assembly support and hanger system. With ingenuity and quality, Nanfei keeps the "safety gate" of engineering construction.

In the future, Nanfei will live up to expectations, adhere to social responsibility and responsibility, deeply cultivate the field of building reinforcement, and continue to provide customers with high-quality, high-standard and high-quality products and services with the craftsman's spirit of excellence and dedication.

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